The CHOO.08° Collection

London Style

Infused with the spirit of the city, our new Choo.08 collection is a masterclass in urban luxury. Who better to showcase it, then, than the most celebrated street style bloggers of the moment? We spoke to them about their fabulous London lives, looks and loves.

Camille of Camille Over the Rainbow

After working as a lawyer, Brit-French fashion blogger Camille Charriere cut her sartorial teeth working at fashion behemoths NET-A-PORTER.COM and MATCHESFASHION.COM. The result? Gallic insouciance imbued with a touch of sleek Scandi-esque styling.

How would you describe London style?

There’s a lot to take in, in Primrose Hill, especially the great characters that have lived there for years.

Where do you go to people watch?

I have to say, I love my neighbourhood. Notting Hill is always buzzing with quirky creative’s and well-dressed street-dwellers. I also love Columbia Road on a Sunday. Young, and, always, interesting.

Talk us through your average day in the city and what you'd be wearing.

I’ll most likely be wearing a sloppy tee with something leather (leggings, no doubt) and flats. I will often have a pair of stilettos in my bag, just in case.

How do you feel Jimmy Choo's new collection fits into London style?

It’s very urban and in perfect sync with the city's incessant energy. I can imagine it on all the off-duty models running from show to show.

Charlotte of Fashion Guitar

Charlotte Groeneveld’s blog is an ode to urban cool; her style an effortless blend of off-duty denim and leather and sporty silhouettes. The ideal site to turn to for girl-about-town outfit inspiration.

How would you describe London style?

I think London’s not so much about a certain style but more the fact that it’s super fashion-forward. Every catwalk trend quickly gets absorbed into the street style. Plus it's very liberal and people feel free to express themselves with their looks, way more than in Holland, where I'm from.

Talk us through your average day in the city and what you'd be wearing.

I’d stroll to the park in West London probably wearing all-white high top trainers, tailored pants, an easy tee, leather jacket and a small cross body bag. I’d then head to a lunch East after changing into slouchy pants, slip-ons and a loose, cropped jacket. Dinner with friends in central calls for skinny jeans, black pumps, a silk shirt and a sharp blazer.

What's at the top of your secret address book?

I love the scrambled eggs at 202, the ricotta hotcakes at Granger & Co and the pornstar martinis at Beach Blanket Babylon.

How do you feel Jimmy Choo's new collection fits into London style?

Pretty flawlessly! The collection covers every occasion, from day to night and I can imagine all my friends easily wearing the pieces. I’d style it with sweaters and elegant, feminine skirts, or with floaty styles - flats go so well with them! Edgy, urban, but easy.

Gala of Amlul

Spanish-born, London-based blogger, DJ and designer Gala Gonzalez’s site is the perfect platform for her covetable style. An eclectic blend of girlish one day and hard-edged the next, her clotheshorse status is second to none.

How would you describe London style?

It’s one of those cities which being cool means not trying too hard; it’s all about natural effortlessness. But it’s struck through with tradition, too – Londoners love to have fun with fashion but they still maintain their elegance! I always try to put a Brit touch into my outfits – whether it’s my favourite colour palette of mustard and racing green or with a checked print.

How do you think the new Jimmy Choo collection fits into London style?

Perfectly – they’re comfortable, which is so important, but they also manage to be both trendy and timeless. No small feat!

How would you describe your own personal style?

Every day is different for me which is always exciting as, when it comes to dressing up, I can be anyone I want! Some days I’m conservative, and some I’m bohemian but my classic uniform is black skinny jeans with moto knee patches, a tweed jacket, fedora and ankle boots.

Hedvig of The Northern Light

Ex-model, ex-banker and ex-Norway dweller Hedvig Opshaug is every bit as wonderfully enigmatic as she sounds. Brimming with Nordic nonchalance, her style straddles polished and laidback in one fell swoop.

What does London style mean to you?

To me, London style is eclectic, experimental, very street and a little bit wacky. I'm Scandinavian and my personal style is minimalist; something I’ve championed for years before it re-entered the fashion sphere! These days, so many London fashionistas can be mistaken for being Nordic.

Are there any up and coming trends you've seen on the street?

Femasculine tailoring has been around for a while now and I don't think it's going anywhere. I think prints have peaked and that we're moving towards cleaner looks now. Having said that, it doesn’t effect my own style much as I've been doing that for years anyway, but I'm happy that it means more options to choose from in the shops!

Talk us through your average day in the city and what you'd be wearing.

I'm a working mum and my one year-old daughter follows me everywhere! It means functional wardrobe choices but, to be honest, wearability was always important to me. I wear many more flats these days, though – just like in the collection. They’re back in a big way, and although I really love heels, I can’t help but embrace lower heights! Jimmy Choo’s new collection fits London style perfectly, and I bet it will mean a whole new audience discovering the brand.

Marie of Blame it on Fashion

Danish blogger Marie Hindkaer Wolthers has a special gift for turning simple dressing into an art form. Stripped-back components, capsule classics and all-important subtle styling (the roll of a cuff, for example) make her looks aspirational yet achievable at the same time.

How would you describe London style?

As a Scandi girl living in London I see the city’s style as way more experimental than the clean, pared-back Scandinavian look. More colour, more prints and more attitude.

What's top of your secret address book?

One of my favourite places in London is The Electric on Portobello Road.

How do you feel Jimmy Choo's new collection fits into London style?

There’s something for every stylish girl in the collection, from pointy flats to slip-ons, and from edgy boots to cool sneakers. It’s got a grungy vibe and is perfect for a busy day in the city running from meeting to meeting. As for how I’d wear it, I always have contrasts in mind when getting dressed. I’d pair a ladylike skirt with a pair of skater slip-ons and some edgy boots with skinny jeans and a feminine coat.

How would you describe London style?

It’s impossible to choose just one, Londoners are all so well-dressed! Alexa Chung, Poppy Delevingne, Caroline Issa and Yasmin Sewell are all at the top of my list.

Natalie of Natalie Hartley Wears

An instantly recognizable fashion face, Natalie Hartley is a darling of the street style scene. And for good reason – the Glamour Fashion Director’s inimitable look is edgy, urban and stamped with androgynous flair.

Where do you love to people watch?

There’s a lot to take in, in Primrose Hill, especially the great characters that have lived there for years.

What's top of your secret address book?

I love Dukes Hotel for a dirty martini! It’s a great hidden gem in central London. I also love Tokyo Bike and Barnyard and Polpetto for amazing food. There’s a new club called Disco, which everyone seems to be going to right now, too.

What about up and coming trends you've seen on the street?

I think tailoring is going to be a big hit. The great thing about it is that you can either sex it up or be really boyish!

How do you feel Jimmy Choo's new collection fits into London style?

I love the androgynous twist, especially on the heavy boots. They’re really easy to adapt into your wardrobe and would really smarten up a grunge look with a more grown-up vibe.

Sandra of 5 Inch and Up

One look at Finnish Sandra Hagelstam's blog reveals her eminently chic dedication to all things pared-back, polished and pristine. Clean, tailored lines abound in her wardrobe but she never fails to put her own quirky stamp on things regardless.

Do you think you fit into quintessential London style?

I tend to gravitate towards tailored pieces, but this season I’m loving the ladylike look; prom skirts and top-handle bags - more feminine than my usual choices. My Finnish origin means I appreciate a simple approach to dressing, which I think balances out London trends nicely.

What do you wear on a daily basis?

I dress up on a daily basis; I find it such a waste not to! I’d always rather be overdressed than underdressed. It makes such a difference to your mood. A silk shirt, A-line skirt and a great leather jacket are my favourite things to wear right now.

Any up and coming trends you've seen on the street?

90s denim is making a huge comeback! I've invested in an Acne denim jacket that I’ll pair with everything this summer.

How do you feel Jimmy Choo's new collection fits into London style?

It’s young, contemporary and very wearable, which is ideal. I think it’ll suit almost anyone, especially young professionals that, like me, agree that great shoes make an outfit.